Sushi Bar Entree

Served with Miso Soup & Salad

  • Sushi Regular

    • 21.95

    Chefs choice seven pieces of sushi and one California roll

    Sushi Regular
  • Sushi Deluxe

    • 24.95

    Chefs choice ten pieces of sushi and one tuna roll

    Sushi Deluxe
  • Sashimi Regular

    • 24.95

    Chefs choice twelve pieces of sashimi and one bowl of rice

    Sashimi Regular
  • Sashimi Deluxe

    • 27.95

    Chefs choice sixteen pieces of sashimi and one bowl of rice

    Sashimi Deluxe
  • Tuna Yellowtail Combination

    • 24.95

    Four pieces of tuna and four pieces of yellowtail, and one tuna with avocado roll

    Tuna Yellowtail Combination
  • American Sushi

    • 25.95

    Three pieces of tuna, three pieces of salmon, three pieces of yellowtail and salmon, avocado roll

    American Sushi
  • Vegetable Maki Dinner

    • 19.95

    One vegetable roll, one cucumber roll and one asparagus roll

    Vegetable Maki Dinner
  • California Roll Dinner

    • 19.95

    Three California rolls

    California Roll Dinner
  • Maki Combo Dinner

    • 19.95

    One California roll, one tuna roll, and one salmon roll

    Maki Combo Dinner
  • Spicy Maki Combo Dinner

    • 22.95

    One spicy tuna roll, one spicy California roll and one spicy salmon roll

    Spicy Maki Combo Dinner
  • Sushi & Sashimi Combo (For 1)

    • 30.95

    Five pieces of sushi, ten pieces of sashimi and California roll

    Sushi & Sashimi Combo (For 1)
  • Samurai Sushi Special (For 2)

    • 44.95

    Eighteen pieces of sushi and one tuna roll and one California roll

    Samurai Sushi Special (For 2)
  • Samurai Love Boat

    • 85.95

    Sixteen pieces of sashimi, twelve pieces of sushi, one dragon roll and one tuna roll

    Samurai Love Boat
  • Samurai Party Boat

    • 115.95

    Twenty pieces of sashimi, sixteen pieces of sushi, one dragon roll, one shrimp tempura roll and spicy crunchy 2 in 1 roll

    Samurai Party Boat
Sushi Bar Entree
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